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Next 6 month course begins
July 1st 2023!

Yadi Alamin
Chief Instructor
Yadi Alamin Chief Instructor Eastern Traditional Healing Arts Academy in Charlotte NC

Learn the ROOTS of health and healing in 26 weeks! Four hours of class per week online!

Acupuncture old book

Registration Ends
Jun 24th, 2023

The world's ONLY online clinical training academy for:

Medical Theory

Korean Medical

Taoist Medical

Back Massage

Our curriculum includes...

8 weeks

Traditional Chinese Medical Theory
(From the NeiJing Classic of Internal Medicine)
Yin Yang Theory
5 Element Theory
12 Meridian Theory
Horary Clock
Xu Points
Mu Points
Source Points
Luo Points
Facial Assessment
Tongue Assessment
Spinal Microsystem
Hand Microsystem
Medical QiGong:
Six healing sounds,
Zhan Zhuang (standing meditation)
Ping Shuai Gong (swinging)
PaiDaGong (self acupoint tapping) and more

8 weeks

Taoist Medical Theory
(From the teachings of Sun SiMiao)
Ge Hong,
Hua Tuo,
Shen Nong and more
Three Treasures: Jing, Qi and Shen QiJingBaMai: 8 Extraordinary vessels Sacred Turtle abdominal microsystem Shen Gong - Heart/Mind Therapy Emotional/Mental/Spiritual Integration I Ching Theory
Bagua QiGong
Circle Walking
Tao te Ching readings

8 weeks

Traditional Korean Medical Theory - Saam Do-In,
Lee Je-ma,
Bonghan Kim and more
4 Constitutions Theory
4 Point Technique (from 4CA or 4 Needle technique)
Hwa (Harmony) Theory and technique
Monk QiGong (Do-In)
Integrating the three systems

Yellow Orange Gradient

Hear what our students say about our program!

Yellow Orange Gradient

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we get results without breaking the skin (as in acupuncture)?

We use our hands, simple tools and some "high-tech" gadgets to "hack" the meridians and microsystems.

What is a Meridian?

Meridians are "channels", or streams within the body, that cross over skin, lymphatic vessels, blood, muscles and organs.

What is a Microsystem?

Microsystems are "holograms" or "reflex maps" of the whole body on a single extremity, like: Ears, hands, abdomen, face, feet, scalp. Learn "Clinical QiGong" exercises to strengthen yourself for life, and to keep yourself strong in clinic.

When and where are classes held?

Classes are held weekly on Saturdays from 4-8pm. This class will be hosted virtually!

Do you get a license?

We do not give licenses. However, we want to make sure that the students that study with us perform at a very high standard! If you are planning to practice outside North Carolina, please check the laws of your state.

How much is the course?

Tuition for our online 6 month, 104 hour course is $5200. That's less than the price of one semester at a private acupuncture school! Your tuition comes with many benefits:

  • Student discounts for bodywork sessions

  • Rentals of our Qigong DVDs and digital programs

  • Free Qigong classes

  • The opportunity to repeat the course as many times as you need!

Ask us about alternative payment structures.

Do I have to have experience in massage or body work?

Absolutely not! Our course is designed to benefit anyone that wants to learn effective natural healing methods. Whether you are a massage therapist or working a corporate job, the knowledge you gain from this course can be applied to your life!

Introducing our first graduating class! We want to officially welcome Anna, Adam, and Liz

Eastern Traditional Healing Arts

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