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Bliss is defined as perfect happiness or great joy!

It's a sense of peace, well being and contentment. In our modern world, instead of bliss, we are stressed, depressed, frustrated and tired. Taking the time to refresh seems impossible because of the demands of our daily lives.
It's important for everyone, especially women, to have a method of self care that can restore our well being so that not only can we reach a state of bliss, but from this state, we can then provide for our partners, our families, and our communities.
What's keeping you from your bliss? What blocking you from your perfect state of happiness? Sometimes we are not aware that certain, thoughts, emotions, and unhealthy habits are actually blockages that keep us from being content, peaceful and happy.
Join Joi Abraham and Mary Amon for an opportunity for learn techniques that modern women need to help restore their well being. These techniques are from ancient Asian cultures that were once kept quiet and taught only to select women in royal families. These techniques belong to the ones that embrace them and practice them, and this workshop will present them in a practical manner for you to include in your daily self care regimen.
Join us in the beautiful Divine Feminine room at Body Mind Shift Wellness Center.

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Joi Abraham: Joi is a Reflexologist at Charlotte Reflexology.  She is also a 3 time certified Medical Qigong Instructor through Eastern Traditional Healing Arts (Charlotte Reflexology's school for clinician training). Joi is also the creator of the six DVD collection: The Amazing Woman's Sexual Health Series. She uses the exercises presented in this collection to heal her own female health issues and teaches these techniques to other women so that they can improve and maintain vibrant health.



Saturday February 13th


5200 Park Rd, Suite 213

$180, 15% off if paid in full by Feb 1st!

Space is limited! Register here!

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