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Join ETHA Sept 16th for  Module Two of our "Keep Yourself Healthy" Series with master clinician Yadi Alamin!

Yadi is the apprentice of 3 Master Acupuncturists. He has 17 years clinical experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine, No Needle Acupuncture, Reflexology and Medical QiGong for Serious Conditions. Yadi was diagnosed with a deadly liver disease at 24, and learned how to heal himself without surgery, drugs and a cocktail of herbs. His philosophy is simple “do what works, and do it often.” He has had clients recover from Cancer, Pain, Insomnia, Emotional Trauma, Auto Immune Disease, Heart Disease and a host of other ailments. He is head instructor of Eastern Traditional Healing Arts Academy, where he teaches modern clinical techniques for Chinese Healing Arts and Medical/Martial Qigong.

What do we learn in Foot Reflexology class?

Yadi will be teaching his same techniques that he uses in clinic on the feet to help you assess anyone's health condition as well as relieve pain in the feet. You can use these methods on yourself, your family and friends. Yadi's teaching method is simple, fun and easy to retain. You will be able to use the new skills immediately!

How is this class different?

You will get access to all of Yadi's training in reflexology, acupuncture, tui na (Chinese massage techniques) as well as relevant charts that are used in all ETHA classes. You also learn THUMB FREE skills so that you can save your hands and practice much longer as well as video files of the class for your future practice and reference!

How much is it?

The complete course is $300, $250 if registered before Sept 12th.  Once you learn the techniques, they're yours for a lifetime!
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