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Red Light Therapy 
Charlotte Acu Bodywork! 

Red Light Therapy is the pain relieving, anti-aging, energy giving all natural therapy that you have NEVER TRIED before! We want to change that!

This is a list of subjective results from our own personal use of full body light therapy, and our clients':


1.  Instant reduction in red marks on skin, pimples and histamine reactions (skin allergies)

2.  Reduction in wrinkles and lines without chemicals

3.  Instant energy boost

4.  Systemic warming and muscle relaxation

5.  Increased muscle tone and strength

6.  Faster recovery from workout, weakness and exhaustion

7.  Better sex drive

Our clinic has offered Red Light Therapy in Charlotte since 2016! Red Light Therapy offers several benefits for the naturally health conscious individual: 

Tissue repair and pain reduction
*Helps Rosacea and Acne
*Reduces inflammation
*Stimulates new blood vessel formation

Anti Aging Effects
*Collagen production
*Increased Circulation
*Increased Fibroblast activity (Collagen)
*Helps stimulate hair growth
*Lowers effects of oxidative stress/free radical damage

Joint and muscle health
*Reduces arthritis pain
*Helps rebuild cartilage
*Increases blood flow/circulation, bringing more oxygen and nutrients to our cells and tissues

Lift Depression and Fatigue
*Boosts production of ATP which increases energy
*Helps balance circadian rhythms


Tour of our Red Light Therapy Room
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