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Is Reflexology a massage?​

Reflexology is NOT a massage. Reflexology works AT THE CORE level of your nervous system to create results massage usually never does. You will feel the relaxation and release of a massage, but in a lot shorter time with deep effects on your mind/body.

How long does it take to work?

Instantly. You may feel a strong sensation of calm and “tingling energy”, others may feel nothing, but Reflexology works immediately. The more you get Reflexology work done, the deeper your sensations will be.

Can Reflexology cure disease?

To be fair, the BODY is what cures disease. Authentic Reflexology has shown THOUSANDS of years of effectiveness against ALL types of illness. Reflexology clients have had colds/flus, parasites, viruses, crippling injuries heal with no other therapy involved. We don’t make cure claims as results vary.

I thought Reflexology was for the “foot”, why do you use the hand?

Our clinicians are trained in a special style of Reflexology that uses the hand, ear, scalp, face, belly and SOMETIMES the foot. We have found that using the hand creates faster results. The hand uses a lot of brain and nerve activity, this may be the reason they work so well.

What is QiGong?​

QiGong exercise is the ORIGINAL Eastern Medicine. It came before Acupuncture, Herbs and Massage. It can be used to toughen the body/mind for combat or stress, or to heal the body/mind. Truly an amazing art/science.

​How do I book my session?

You may call, email or purchase a session on this site. If you are already a client, feel free to ask about a package which may include the services you already get, as well as some great perks and special offers.




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