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Charisse from NY

I practice Reiki and massage therapy for a living.   Yadi’s claims seemed too far fetched for me, mostly because my Reiki sessions take 20 minutes to an hour.  He claimed he could “shift” my energy in seconds, so I called his bluff.  Not only did my energy shirt right away, I fell asleep in his chair instantly.  I woke up in the chair, with soft music on and the lights dimmed.  He let me sleep for an hour!  Yadi’s a gentleman beyond being an incredibly gifted healer.

Helen from Florida

Yadi is pure love and light!  We met at a Yoga Studio on Friday, and his handshake felt like I was already starting to heal.  I had been ill for 25 years (all my adult life), and he was like “no problem”.  He picked me up 2 days in a row, for HIS WEEKEND SEMINAR, and I was healed in ONE treatment.  It used to take hours to get moving just from the pain, now I pop out of bed and do my business.  I would’ve never believed it could happen so fast if it didn’t happen!

Marcus from North Carolina

I had back pain and stiffness every day as long as I can remember.  Yadi barely touched me, and I felt the muscles release, and CONTINUE to release for 5 minutes.  I don’t know how he did it, and I don’t care!  It works, Yadi’s the man!

John from NC

Yadi was one of my customers, so we had a friendship before he worked on me.  I told him I had shoulder pain and numbness all the time, and I’m on my feet all day.  I couldn’t raise my arm past my shoulder for a year.  He fixed it in the first session, followed up with me in a week, came back to do a second session, and I’ve had no problems since.  His methods looked silly to me, but I’m glad I let him do it.  Great stuff, sir.

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