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May 12th: Governor Cooper issued Executive Order #138 which states that "certain establishments where individuals are in close proximity for extended periods of time, or service personnel who are in direct contact with clients, personal care and grooming businesses" are ordered to remain closed.  This order remains in effect until May 22nd.

So what does that mean for us?

*We will continue to keep you updated on changes made by our Governor.

We understand many of you are anxious to come back to clinic. We look forward to welcoming all of you when we know it's safe and legal for us to open again.

*We have to make some changes in clinic.

In order to keep everyone safe and healthy, we will be implementing new protocols and using new equipment to be able to continue to offer our services. We project our opening date to be June 22nd if there are no other changes made by Governor Cooper.

*We still offer online Qigong classes and online consultations!

We have purchasing options for classes in our shop. Please email us if you need to schedule an an appointment to get a consultation.

Be the first to know when we are ready to schedule in clinic appointments by joining our email list! You'll find the form at the bottom of the page.

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