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The New Wave of Tesla Technology!


Meet the LifeSabre!

The LifeSabre is simple, universal and gets results!

No frequency sets to learn, no long set up! Just charge it and turn it on!

How does it compare to other bio energy products?

The LifeSabre uses a sweep of frequencies, along with electromagnetic energy that doesn’t “bore” the body.  Using the same kind of tones, frequencies or wavelengths will eventually make the body tune it out.  This solves some major problems...


We are Yadi and Joi!

We are acupuncture apprentices with 31 years of combined
experience! We've always d
one no needle acupuncture techniques, but the LifeSabre literally changed our practice!

We are able to get amazing results in a shorter period of time, even with clients that have chronic issues.


How do we use the LifeSabre?

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