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Collage of Yadi Alamin Chief Clinician at Charlotte Reflexology
Yadi Alamin, LMNT, NMT

 Yadi is the apprentice of 3 Master Acupuncturists,  a six-time Certified Reflexologist, and a Tibetan Medical QiGong Therapist. He has 18 years clinical experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine, No Needle Acupuncture, Reflexology and Medical QiGong for Serious Conditions. Yadi was diagnosed with a potentially fatal disease at 24, and learned how to heal himself without surgery, drugs and a cocktail of herbs. His philosophy is simple “do what works, and do it often.” He has had clients recover from a host of ailments using QiGong, Reflexology, and food-based methods.

These words aren't enough to understand how  truly passionate he is about helping all people heal!

Listen to Yadi's own words about why he wants to help so many people!

Want to hear the whole story? This is intimate, so we share it with a select few!

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